• Triomune Tablets

Triomune Tablets

  • Stavudine 30 mg, Lamivudine 150 mg, Nevirapine 200 mg
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  • 30, 40
  • Cipla Ltd.

Triomune is a combination of 3 drugs commonly used in the management of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection. Both stavudine and lamivudine belong to the nucleoside analogue class of antiretroviral drugs. Both drugs act by terminating the growth of the DNA chain and inhibiting the reverse transcriptase of HIV. Nevirapine is a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor. It acts by directly inhibiting reverse transcriptase.

Triomune - 30 Container of 30 tablets

Triomune - 40 Container of 30 tablets

Each tablet of Triomune contains half of the commonly prescribed daily doses of stavudine, lamivudine and nevirapine. All three drugs are to be administered twice daily, permitting a fixed-dose combination to be formulated. With the availability of this combination formulation, patients may be better able to adhere to triple drug regimens, thereby enhancing compliance.