• Protektor Spot-On

Protektor Spot-On

  • Fipronil Liquid
  • Frontline Plus
  • 9.7% w/v
  • Cipla

Protektor Spot-On for dogs is a topical 'spot-on' application for the treatment and prevention of flea infestation and control of brown dog tick, paralysis tick and biting lice on dogs and puppies.Protektor Spot-On has a rapid onset of action and kills re-infestations with newly acquired adult fleas for at least 1 month, and also prevents the development of flea eggs, larvae and pupae produced by any adult fleas acquired for up to 3 months after treatment.


Available in 3 strengths

Small dogs upto 10kg. Available in a pipette of 0.67 ml

Medium dogs 10 - 20 kg. Available in a pipette of 1.34 ml

Large  dogs 20 - 40 kg. Available in a pipette of 2.68 ml