• MyHep


  • Sofosbuvir
  • Sovaldi
  • 400 mg
  • Mylan

MyHep (Sofosbuvir) tablets is manufactured by Mylan.

MyHep (Sofosbuvir) Tablets contains Sofosbuvir 400mg.

MyHep (Sofosbuvir) tablets available in bottle of 28 tablets.

MyHep (Sofosbuvir) tablts is indicated for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C (CHC) in adults.

MyHep (Sofosbuvir - generic Sovaldi) of Mylan is a breakthrough treatment for Hepatitis C infections. MyHep( Sofosbuvir - generic Sovaldi) of Mylan are film coated tablets each contain 400mg of the main ingredient. MyHep (Sofosbuvir - generic Sovaldi) of Mylan is known as a nucleotide polymerase inhibitor, and it works directly on the virus itself.

MyHep (Sofosbuvir - generic Sovaldi) of Mylan mechanism of action involves inhibiting the enzyme which is necessary for the virus if it is to multiply. A complete cure may even be possible. Chronic hepatitis C is a serious infection of the liver which occurs following an infection with the hepatitis C virus. Upon reaching the cells of the liver, the virus begins to multiply, which it achieves by means of copying its DNA and RNA. T

he dosage of MyHep (Sofosbuvir - generic Sovaldi) of Mylan schedule must be individualized by the physician in charge of treatment, and will vary according to the viral genotype that is being treated. Adult patients will usually be directed by their physician to take 1 tablet of MyHep (Sofosbuvir - generic Sovaldi) of Mylan per day, and it can be administered alongside a meal or else without food. Precautions Patients who are undergoing treatment for Hepatitis C with MyHep (Sofosbuvir - generic Sovaldi) of Mylan will require regular visits to their physician or the hospital so that routine blood tests can be carried out. The frequency at which these tests are required will be determined by your physician.