• Ribavirin - Heptos capsules

Ribavirin - Heptos capsules

  • Ribavirin
  • Rebetol, Copegus
  • 200mg
  • Hetero

Heptos (generic Ribavirin 200mg) mfg by Hetero Pharmaceuticals.

Heptos (generic Ribavirin 200mg) is available with Avalon Pharma

Heptos (generic Ribavirin 200mg) comes in a box of 140 capsules.

Heptos (generic Ribavirin 200mg) is combined with peginterferon alfa-2a to treat infections caused by the hepatitis C virus. Heptos (generic Ribavirin 200mg) works by inhibiting the growth of the virus. Heptos (generic Ribavirin 200mg) antiviral medicine is classified as a guanosine analog, and prominent medical experts have theorized that Heptos (generic Ribavirin 200mg) antiviral action may be due to its effects on the genomes of the virus and its ability to block the viral polymerase (a type of enzyme needed for the virus to replicate).

Heptos (generic Ribavirin) comes in 200mg strength capsules for oral administration. Heptos (generic Ribavirin 200mg) medicine does not work for hepatitis C if taken alone. After an assessment and medical evaluation, the physician in charge of treatment will provide exact instructions on how to take Heptos (generic Ribavirin 200mg), as well as the frequency of administration and correct dosage. You must comply with all the instructions provided by your physician.

Heptos (generic Ribavirin 200mg) could cause anemia in some patients, and your physician may order regular blood tests to check for this.